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June 28, 2016

Where can I purchase tickets for St. Louis Craft Beer Week?

There are no specific tickets for St. Louis Craft Beer Week, STLCBW is a collection of events taking place through the entire week. Individual tickets may be available for specific events, check our Events Schedule for more information.

I don’t see my event on your schedule or on the Facebook Events Calendar?

Have you submitted your event using our Google Docs Form? If not, contact your event sponsor (Our Sponsors are listed here). If you are unsure on sponsors, use our Contact Page to reach out to us.

If you have submitted your event, please be patient. We are adding events all throughout June and July. We’ll post it soon.

My event appears on your Events Schedule and your Facebook Calendar. Why don’t I see it on the app Schedule?

We push all the events to our app database on a nightly basis. Please check tomorrow to see if it has made the Schedule. If not, use our Contact Page to let us know.

I want to host an event during St Louis Craft Beer Week. How do I get my event posted?

Are you working with a brewery or wholesaler to plan the event? Chances are, they are a sponsor, and can help you get the event posted. If not, use our Contact Page to reach out to us.